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Mark your valuables with the DNA liquid

Put our deterrent signs up on your house

Register the DNA liquid code in our database

The Benefits


DNA liquid is such a powerful crime deterrent solution as it links criminals to crimes they commit.


We provide big and visible warning signs in English. To tell the potential thieves to avoid your property.


DNA liquid’s Secure Asset Register conforms to the highest global security and quality standards ensuring our clients’ data is kept safe at all times.


We know DNA. Our supplier of vegetal DNA for our products is even involved in the development of Covid19 viruses.


Police from around the world have access to our database, allowing 24/7/365 searches when property is recovered or perpetrators apprehended.


Not only does our DNA protection solution reduces burglaries with 83% in the UK. We are also the number 1 choice for a lot of big companies.

Order a bicycle marking kit today!

Marking your bicycle means you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen, but it does not help make it a hard target to thieves.

To reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of cycle theft, you can purchase our bicycle marking kit.

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How is DNA markup working?

It is a transparent liquid to mark your valuables assets with a unique DNA code. The liquid is completely harmless, and organic with DNA from plants and fruits.

Thieves avoid DNA marked houses and valuables since they are directly traceable back to you and to the crime the thief have committed.

Customer Reviews

Our goal is to have 1005 satisfied customers. Not only do our customers voice speak for itself. We are also recommended by all major insurance companies and the Police.

EACH KIT contains, Unique DNA liquid, special UV lamp, instructions and a kit of adhesives!

Not only does our DNA mark up system gives you the best possible protection against burglary on the European market. We are also unique. Our DNA has an easily distinguishable red color that makes us different from all competitors.

Unique DNA for every KIT.
DNA made from herbs and plants
100 % money back guarantee.

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    What is DNA marking

    DNA marking is a type of forensic identification. It is a method to mark items in a way that is undetectable to the naked eye. A unique DNA marker is applied to the item, and can be recovered to identify the item.

    In suspected thefts, the suspect can also be tested for traces of the DNA marking. DNA marking can be used to prevent thefts of objects that are hard to mark in any other way (e.g. copper cables). It can also be used to help separate between genuine and counterfeit electronics and other replacement parts.

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