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DNAliquid DNA property marking kit

A complete DNA marking kit for your property or office. Our base kit liquid to mark up to 75 items.

Comes with:  DNA liquid and applier, UV-A 365nm flash light, window, door and property mark up decals, access to our international database for registration of your unique DNA code.

From 149 € 

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Our DNA kit is unique

Not only does every kit contain a unique DNA code which belong to you and no one else. But our DNA code is traceable by the police through a special RED color so that every police patrol knows to ask us for the ownership of the stolen goods.

Reduces burglary with up to 83%

DNA liquid binds criminals to the crime scene. This means easier conviction of the perpetrator and gives the police the opportunity to return stolen goods to the owner. All our DNA codes are saved in an international database open only to police forces.

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