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We are looking for investors in our company. What we can offer are two possibilities.


  • Option 1
    Buying shares in our company and take part in future profits and develop together with us. This option require not only your monetary investment but also your participation in developing and running the DNALIQUID® project.

    This option will require someone interested in really taking DNALIQUID® to new heights.


  • Option 2
    Invest money in developing our online presence and future investments necessary to have a Spanish nationwide net of sales points. This option can include an option contract to convert the investment to shares in DNALIQUID®.



For more information please contact us under +34 641 893 831 or simply by filling out our contact form.




Interested in investing?

Fantastic, then please fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also call or email us if you have additional questions.
+34 641 893 831

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