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DNALIQUID Bicycle marking KIT


A police approved DNA Forensic Bicycle Marking kit, with a Stencil Etching Kit, to mark bicycles, electric scooters, strollers or moped.

Marks 1 item with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove.

  • The marking hardens and is practically impossible to remove.
  • If you succeed in removing one or more decals, the etched text will still be visible in the police’s UV light.
  • The registration is done easily by the owner or the store and without any requirement for either registration or subscription costs. An international database keeps track of the owner of the item. Regardless of which country the object is found in, it is possible to track the owner.
  • Found objects can easily be revealed if they have been reported stolen or slaughtered by scanning the QR code with a smartphone. The police also obtain ownership information in real time 24/7/365.
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The kit includes

  • 1 x membership card
  • 1 x 8ml bottle of unique SelectaDNA (with microdots)
  • 1 x blue stick applicator
  • 2 x laminated rectangular warning labels
  • 5 x unique TESA labels
  • 1 x UV keyring light
  • 1 x SelectaDNA instruction leaflet (QC320)
  • Lifetime registration on the Secure Asset Register
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