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What is DNA marking exactly?

DNA liquid is completely transparent and not visible to the naked eye. It is only a special UV light with at least a sensitivity of 365 nm that can read the red light that tells that the item is DNA marked.
The DNA liquid contains a unique DNA code therefor called DNA liquid.
The liquid is sprayed or dotted to valuable assets, it then dries and is extremely almost impossible to remove. Once lighted with the special UV light it lightens up in red color and the red color is the signal for the police that it is OUR liquid that has been marking the object. The red color is there to symbolize STOP for both Police and fences.
Through the registry of the unique code in our international database we are given traceability to the Police on marked objects. However the decals with DNA marking on houses and properties is the most deterring prevention against crimes.

What is DNA bicycle marking exactly?

Thieves avoid marked objects.
The marking hardens and is practically impossible to remove.
If you succeed in removing one or more decals, the etched text will still be visible in the police’s UV light.
The registration is done easily by the owner or the store and without any requirement for either registration or subscription costs. An international database keeps track of the owner of the item. Regardless of which country the object is found in, it is possible to track the owner.
Found objects can easily be revealed if they have been reported stolen or slaughtered by scanning the QR code with a smartphone. The police also obtain ownership information in real time 24/7/365.

How many items can I mark with the liquid?

You can mark between 75- 150 items depending on the size of the bottle.

How can I become a reseller of the bicycle marking kit?

By simple visiting our reseller page you can either apply to become a reseller provided you work only on the Spanish territory. Or login if you are an existing reseller.

Is it possible to remove the DNA marking?

No it is virtually impossible to remove any DNA marking from objects. However you should always try to add the DNA liquid to rugged surfaces if possible.

Are you only working in Spain?

Spain is the perfect place for the DNA marking. A lot of expensive houses, international market and unfortunately the home to many international gangs of criminals. Therefor it was natural for us to open DNAliquid ™ here in Spain.
We will expand our business from Mallorca to mainland Spain during 2021. If you would like to be an ambassador for us please contact us.

How do I register my DNA liquid unique code to the database?

The unique DNA code that is pre printed to YOUR bottle is easy to register online using this form 

What kind of items can I mark?

Actually only your fantasy is the limit to what you can mark. But typically our customers are marking objects like:
  • jewelry, watches
  • tools
  • iPad, iPhone, smartphone, TV and all electronics in general.
  • sport equipment, horse saddles, golf equipment,
  • Boats, engines, cars, motorcycles and all accessories
  • electric scooter, scooter and bicycles.

Is the liquid marking visible to the naked eye?

No it is impossible to see the dna liquid or marking without a special UV light. And only a trained police officer is able to detract the dna from the subject and send it for a laboratory forensic DNA test.

For how long does the marking last?

We guarantee that the code will be traceable on your objects for at least 5 years. this according to tests that has been carried out by test standard PAS820:2012 which is the highest possible standard.
You can store your bottle od DNA liquid for at least 2 years inside the bottle.

Can the DNA codes run out?

No, all codes are being made by DNa from herbs, plants and fruits. And the combination of them gives billions of DNA combinations.
No synthetic materials are being used.

How is the police working with DNA marking?

The police is doing a fantastic job when it comes to. link criminals to a crime scene. Thanks to DNA marking they are given yet another instrument as a forensic evidence. This means that the police can not only link the thief to the crime itself. But they can also use the forensic report from our laboratory as evidence in court.
Sometimes this means the difference form just convicting someone for possession of stolen goods or grand larceny which has a deep impact on the length of prison time.
DNA marking is also approved by most European police forces as a mean of deterring thieves from burglary.

How can I pay for the DNA kit?

We accept all major credit and debit cards on site when we deliver your KIT. Business can apply for a business account and will be offered invoicing as a mean of payment.
Our technicians always bring a card machine with them when coming to you,

What if I want to sell a DNA marked item?

No problem. Like with all purchases of used items a regular invoice/receipt and a copy of the ID card from the seller is valid as proof of ownership.
You can also mark the object as sold in the database. This saves a lot of time for the police in case they want to control an object.

How fast can I have my DNA kit, and my house protected?

We always strive at coming to your the same day or at latest the day after to peronsally driver your DNA mark up kit and help you get going with putting deterrent decals on your house so that the thieves know to avoid your property.
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